An Evil Eye

Some people think that I read only hard, highly intellectual books–I dunno. Maybe it’s that Ph.D. I got once. I read widely, variously, and I read about eunuch agents in the Ottoman Empire of the 19th century. I’ve been hooked on Jason Goodwin’s series about Investigator Yashim for a couple of years now. Yes, he is a eunuch, but, as Anne Rice taught us years ago, eunuchs are not a-sexual. So the books are spicy–in more ways than one. Yashim is an amazing cook, and Goodwin gives us marvelous details about how Yashim prepares sumptuous but simple meals. The plot: well, Yashim is smart and resourceful and he manages to save the Sultanate, though, in this, the fourth in the series, Istanbul is still magic, but the empire is getting smaller. If you like historical novels that are a little quirky, give these books a try. But start with the first, The Janissary Tree, or you will be sooo confused.(A click on the cover picture will take you the Barnes & Noble website.)