Sometimes we go to the gym

A word about trainers–they’re “da bomb,” as no one has said for at least 10 years. At the end of the last century (I like the way that sounds), when I was an editor at Sesame Street Parents (and how many defunct magazines have you worked for?), I belonged to a gym near Lincoln Center and became an avid spin class attendee. We had a kick-ass instructor, Darci, who motivated us up and down those imaginary hills. (Darci once remarked that we were lucky that the English language was so rich because otherwise we’d be eating cake for breakfast instead of scones, muffins, etc. Totally off the topic, but what an observation!) For three years I went to spin class three times a week. My hamstrings got so developed I had trouble crossing my legs. No kidding. Then one morning I woke up and realized I hated spinning. My next employer, Scholastic, an extremely family-friendly company, had a dinky gym in the basement of its offices. But, hey, it was free. I got into the elliptical. When I moved to Modern Bride, I had no time for the gym, and I began to run in the park on weekends. I love running and will write about that sometime. But two myths about running: 1. it’s free, and 2. it’s the best workout. First, runners go through a lot of sneakers, and sneakers are not cheap. Second, running does nothing for the upper body. Eventually I found myself at the Crunch Gym in my neighborhood and landed a wonderful trainer. He’s far from free, but he’s cheerful, knowledgeable, creative and patient. I would like to say that the machine to the left is set up for me, but, no, I cannot leg press 500 lbs. Jeremie Daniel, my trainer, posted that picture on his Facebook wall before his 5 a.m. workout the other day. When I figure our family budget, I put the gym and Jeremie before other items, like going out to eat or even ordering in. Jeremie motivates me and watches to make sure I’m using muscles correctly. In this stage of my life, when I’m not paying for braces or summer camp, a trainer is a luxury I can work in. Keeping fit is a Baby Boomer necessity. Studies show exercise keeps our bodies going–and helps keep our minds in shape too.I like Crunch Gym, too. It’s reasonably priced and pretty low-key. Except last week everyone was buzzing about the Matt Damon and Justin Timberlake sightings. I’m told that Matt Damon kept his head down and just worked out. Justin, on the other hand, took off his hoodie and waved to everyone.