Sometimes we look at autumn color

So in the Northeast, it was the rainiest August on record. Then came the rainiest September, and now we seem to be having the rainiest October. I drove up to the New York Berkshires yesterday to get a bit of quiet to finish up an article past deadline–and to get the car serviced. We have a marvelous mechanic nearby who keeps our Camry Hybrid is ship shape. The weather was still nice when I arrived, but by the time I had finished up some chores, the skies had cloudy over ,and it began to rain. During the night it poured. This morning, rain off and on. I managed a run in the afternoon without getting too wet. Then, suddenly, the skies began to clear. So I whipped out my camera and ran outside and shot a few pictures that captured the deep hues of orange. I think this is what is called “peak color.” Anyway, the evening seemed so nice that I decided to grill myself a hamburg. (Howard is back in the city; had a conference today.) Just as I flipped it over, a few big occasional drops turned into a deluge. Luckily our Weber has a cover. Still, the rain hissed as it fell on the hot hood, and even with an umbrella, I couldn’t make it from the deck to the kitchen table without the grill-toasted hamburg roll getting a little wet. Now it’s been pouring again for hours. If this pattern keeps up, and it gets cold, we’re going to have lots of snow this winter. We need to replace our 22-year-old metal one with a plastic model that won’t scratch the paint from the back steps. Maybe I’ll shop for that tomorrow. It will be raining, so no outdoor time this weekend.