We hold little babies

9/9/12 So my daughter’s best friend from college had a baby yesterday, and being that this young woman calls me her “New York Mommy” and that her parents aren’t flying in from the West Coast for a few days (and she has no family here), hubby and I paid a visit to the maternity ward at Mt. Sinai hospital. (An aside: Going anywhere by bus on a NYC Sunday can take way too long.) As most of my readers know, I blogged last week for PBS’s website for Baby Boomers, Next Avenue, about wanting to be a grandmother. I have a grandpuppy, and I used to have grandferrets (they died at age 5 1/2, old by ferret standards, having lived a wonderful life with my son as their ferret-in-chief). Seriously, I’d be pretty shocked and slightly taken aback if either of my children announced that there was an imminent grandma coronation in the works. I do want my young adult kids to settle better into their professional lives before they bring other lives into this world. But, ah, I love children. I love babies. And I love Danielle for letting me hold Jax for a few minutes. Neither Danielle or her partner, Chris, have much baby experience. As we walked in, they announced that they had changed their first few diapers and were getting good at it. Yeah, I know that they’ll have to learn to cope with lots of interrupted sleep and that they’ll have to find ways to comfort Jax once he stops sleeping all day. (That should happen in about two weeks, if my memory is correct.) But the joy on their faces, in their every movement. This is a happy couple. This is one lucky kid. His real grandparents – well they’re great people. Mazel Tov all around.