We Love Our iPhones

I didn’t need a Neilson study to tell me what I already know: Baby Boomers really like their smart phones. One might think that with the tiny keyboard of some HTC models and the BlackBerry, or the sort-of-not-really-a-keyboard of the iPhone, we’d complain about how hard they are to use. Thing is, we’ve been using them for years. After all, we’re of the age where some of us (lucky enough to be employed) work for companies that issue them to their employees so that people can be reached anytime, anywhere. BlackBerries “push” email, meaning that if your phone is on, so is your email. Other smart phones are designed to get email when you ask for it, the current iPhone, for instance. You can have your email on push with the iPhone, but it eats up your battery. So when I’m away from my computer and with my iPhone, I just check in with email every little bit. So the email is only one factor, I think, of the Baby Boomer smart phone romance. I’m personally so happy that as long as I am in an area where I get reception, I can get information about anything anytime. In fact, I even have a couple of long books loaded on my iPhone just in case I’m ever stuck on the subway or something. My son has an Android, which I used the other weekend to text my niece after my great-niece had broken her arm (long story that is ending very well), and I actually liked his keyboard better. Still, for me, having compatible devices on the same OS (Mac)–that’s priceless. By the way, what I find is a bigger issue than type of phones is service provider. There things are a bit dicey for me. In NYC I can’t get AT&T. Verizon is by far the best carrier for us Gothamites. However, upstate, my iPhone is kind of like a brick. I can use it for email or Internet through my Wifi–but I have my computer. So. Anyway. This is a “just saying” post. Saw the article. Thought “duh.” Remembered I have a Website with a section where I blog about stuff.