I admit it. I’m a gadget nerd. I like having the latest computer, newest smartphone. I think Best Buy is one step from heaven. The now defunct Comp USA–I could spend hours there. I roam the aisles of Home Depot looking at plumbing. Of course, when you have something that works, you keep it. That may be why I’ve started again using 30-year-old Electrolux canister-style vacuum cleaners in my summer house. Reason I have two: one I inherited from my late parents before they moved from Worcester, MA down to Sanibel Island, FL; the second my mom gave to me and my husband as an anniversary gift the first year we were married (we’ll be hitting number 31 in a couple weeks). We have a built in central vacuum in the house, but, you know something, it never really worked. So I keep one vacuum on the first floor and another on the second. (Vacuum #2 made its way here when I got all gadgetty and purchased one of those neato red Electolux models a few years ago, though the old one worked perfectly well.) Yes, this post is really about vacuums, but not so much about Electrolux as about Dustbusters. I have three here, one for every floor. And, as they are battery-run and rely on repeated re-charges, after 20 years they’re not doing such a good job and I have to replace them. So there I am, Ms. Gadget 2011, and I go online to buy one, and, well, they look like something from a spaceship. Thinking that can’t be right, I go to a Home Depot and find that 1) there are many different brands. Not everything in the world is made by Black & Decker and 2) they all look like they could fit into the decor of Space Station Deep Space Nine. So now I don’t know what to choose. None of them will transport me to the future or clean my windows. And, yes, I’m sticking with Black & Decker. They’re one reliable company. Too bad they won’t let me take them out for a test drive the way I would a new car. So help me choose–left to right, A,B,C. Comments please.