Cute hurricane lanterns

So I’m at my country house in upstate New York, and although we’re not going to get the storm surges that have prompted Mayor Bloomberg to shut down the mass transit system as of noon tomorrow, 8/27, and evacuate neighborhoods–even Broadway is shutting down, i.e., the show isn’t going on–it will rain here. A lot. There will be winds, too. And, as happens so often, I will lose electricity. Hopefully, this will happen during the night while I’m sleeping or during the day not during the times I want to cook or be on the Internet. Anyway, I did a “storm check” and found that I was out of D batteries and that some of my flashlights had disappeared. (My great-nephew likes to play “explorer” when he visits us. We keep track of the expensive binoculars he borrows. The flashlights, not so much.) Just before dinner I got in the car for a five-mile drive to the hardware store, where people were buying propane and stuff. Looking around at the “hurricane” stuff they had placed right by the registers, I saw these adorable hurricane lanterns, the Dorcy MiniBrites. The three-pack includes one in blue, purple, and green. Each lantern takes 4 AA batteries and has a detachable handle and hook. Post-hurricane, I’m going to use them outside on the deck in the evening. They’re a little flimsy for camping, but they’d work. I was so thrilled to pick up the last two packs of these that I forgot the D batteries. Oh, well. Who needs flashlights when you have a MiniBrite. (Clicking on the picture will take you to Amazon, where you can purchase them at a better price than I paid.)