Sometimes we visit old schoolhouses

So for around 20 years now, whenever we’ve driven from Chatham, NY to Pittsfield, MA and taken the “short cut,” at the end of Swamp Road in Richmond, MA we see this old one room school house, bright red, mown lawn, flowers in planters out front. We always say, “let’s stop,” but never do. Except we did a couple of weeks ago. First, there really wasn’t any place to park the car. Second, there really isn’t any path to follow to the schoolhouse. Third, you can’t see much once you’re there. I was reminded of how old-fashioned school houses had high windows–so that the students wouldn’t get distracted by what was going on outside. I was too short to see in at all, but Howard and Raph peered in and reported that there was nothing inside. The sign outside says that the one room school house was in use until 1937, and it struck me that somewhere in Richmond there might be somebody who actually learned his or her ABCs in that place. It really is beautifully maintained, except that the picnic benches outside are not in good shape. So why would anyone go there? And when was the last time anyone stopped her car to peak inside? Well, I’m glad we finally did it. It’s off the list. Oh, that’s Raph and Lauren with Howard. I’m behind the camera as always.