We get ready for snowstorms–in October

People in NYC are going nuts over this snowstorm–it is the largest amount of snow recorded in NYC since before the Civil War. Well, I’m at my country house 120 miles or so north of NYC, and it’s been snowing hard since this afternoon. I did manage a three mile run in the mid-afternoon, the snow stinging my face. Before that, though, I drove into town to get a new snow shovel. So I ended up with three. We needed a new shovel and a bag of “ice melt.” The one we had was old and metal, and it nicked the paint on the back steps and the deck. The new ones, well one looks like our old metal shovel. But then I got these two great ergonic shovels by Rugg, one big and long, the other more Linda-sized. Considering it will warm up tomorrow to the 40′s, and someone comes to plow our driveway, I’m not even sure I’ll need them tomorrow. But I am now prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws our way this winter. The first winter snow is always so pretty, even when it happens in autumn.