We can tomatoes

Two years ago my tomatoes suffered from early blight, as did most tomato plants in the northeast. The advice from Cornell and all the agricultural experts was to pull all the plants and bury them. Look, it’s not as if I’m a farmer. All the plants had blight, so I just let them die off and harvested what I could. I had enough for 14 quarts of canned tomatoes. Last year, late blight. Late blight rots the actual fruit. So only 8 quarts of canned tomatoes. This has been a bumper year. I put in fewer plants than usual because I wanted to try some other things. Some of them worked (yay beets); some of them not so much (rot in the cabbages–but still usable). Still, all these tomatoes. And for the first time in years no small animals were getting in and the crows ate only one or two. Hundreds of tomatoes=time for canning. I don’t love the hot-bath thing. Huge pots of boiling water make me a little nervous. But I do it. Right now the last five quarts for today are boiling on the stove. I see a lot of spaghetti sauce this winter. Oh, good thing: it has been totally pouring all day. The water gauges say 3 1/2 inches since last night. Good day for canning. (Above, two plastic baskets of just-picked tomatoes.)